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One day his friends were around and as they wanted to keep chatting and we wanted to do our own thing, my friend and I withdrew. The guy was infuriated – how could we have insulted him in front of his friends like that?This was a sign that we did not care about him and weren’t looking out for him.I found myself at a New Year’s Eve party and spotted an attractive young man named Estebán.Taking to heart Laura’s advice, I decided to let him be the one to pursue me.No, perhaps “disgusted” is a more apt description of the look on the face of the billboard-ad-attractive, Spanish man I will name Señor Guapo (Mr. I had just arrived in Málaga, Spain, two years after my first visit to the country, and when it came to meeting men, I did not intend to waste any time.While out with my new Spanish girlfriends at a local bar, it didn’t take long for me to notice Señor Guapo perched front and center with his friends. ” My friend Laura grasped my shoulder with as much force as her tiny frame would permit. I didn't put much attention to it but anyway I posted a reply to the add, saying I'm interested. At first I didn't want to take the room with 3 spanish guys (u know the stereotype) but after a few emails and messenger conversations it turned out that they're really really nice. I'm going to Sevilla for the erasmus for the whole year and one day I was looking through adds on the net for a room and I've found this appartment with 3 spanish guys.

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Señor Guapo and his friends soon migrated to another area of the bar, and my perfectly primped, high-heeled Spanish girlfriends quickly descended upon me. But, I had just learned the first rule of dating in Spain, and I’d learned it the hard way: If you are a woman and you are interested in a man, never ever show it.For instance, if you want to say that you’re dating someone, as in boyfriend/girlfriend, you’d say .Of course, there are Spaniards everywhere in Spain.maybe try to understand foreign cultures and quit discussing about such stupid threads?? Jess Quoting anna_mg I don't want to start a thread on stereotypes, so forgive me! I am spanish, and I must say yes, I can see where you are coming from.. And for the record, they not only try with the foreigners because they think that is what they want, but for the fact it is more challenging (or like someone mentioned above cause if they live abroad there is no possibility of commitment!!But after spending less than a week in Spain, it seems to me that the Spanish men are quite similar to Italian men in that they're very outgoing and flirtatious! ) cause i have become more popular in my home town since i became "the girl that lives in london" (and i havent turned into a foreigner just yet!!! I believe in stereotypes and I think some of you are right.You may think that the western world is so, well, westernized, that dating someone from a different country in the western world will be a breeze. There are still differences; in some countries more than others.